Joseph Haydn String Quartets

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recording engineer - Ray Kimber
assistant engineers - Aaron Hubbard and Brett Terry
mastering - Zen Mastering
mastering engineer - Graemme Brown

Recorded in the Austad Auditorium, Val A.Browning Center for the Performing Arts, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah.

microphones - DPA 3529A & Sennheiser
MKH-800 preamp - Millennia Media HV-3D custom
a/d converters - EMM Labs ADC8 MkIV
recorders - Genex GX9000 & Tascam
DV-RA 1000 daw - Pyramix DSD
d/a converters - EMM Labs DAC8MkIV
monitor speakers - Lipinski Sound L707
monitor speakers - Magnepan 20.1
monitor controller - Grace Design M906
monitor amps - PASS Labs X350.5
monitor headphones - Sennheiser HD-650
cables - KIMBER KABLE Select Series

Joseph Haydn String Quartets

Aproduct of the traditional patronage system, Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) was proud to serve a noble family for most of his career. During his last two decades, he experienced the early effects of the French Revolution, and as aristocratic patronage became tenuous he began to enjoy the privileges of a popular and independent composer. Haydn’s gradual transition from what was essentially a classical craftsman to a modern artist is reflected in the stylistic changes that took place in his 68 string quartets, a genre that he cultivated for almost fifty years. The quartets recorded here document two distinct stages of this transition: Op. 9, no. 4 shows Haydn as a talented and well-respected court musician undertaking his first “artful” quartets for intimate settings, and Op. 77, no. 2 displays a famous composer with a towering reputation writing for a wide and eager public...

—excerpt from liner notes by Eric Smigel